Tea at College

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Aug 10th, '10, 12:02
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Tea at College

by DeMasque » Aug 10th, '10, 12:02

Hi, I might as well have a brief introduction while I'm here. I've started getting into tea "seriously" around a month or so ago after I've read about how terrible Lipton supposedly is. Irish Breakfast has made me feel in a way I have never felt before about a beverage, and I'm slowly branching out to other flavors and such.

In a couple weeks I'm heading out to college! This is great and all, but it's presenting some interesting problems when it comes to getting me my daily tea intake. For one thing, I can't have anything with an "exposed heating element" in my room (A hot pad is okay, a crock pot is okay, but a toaster is not).

There is a mini-kitchen in the dorm, but I'm not sure how far it is from my room, and since I expect to make tea mainly for myself, going back and forth seems like a bit of a hassle.

So my question to you, my soon-to-be-friends, is how can I get the best situation possible with minimal hassle? I think a coffee machine or hot water dispenser would be best for my room, with the kitchen being for cleaning my mesh cage for the leaves and my mug. But what do you folks say?

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Aug 10th, '10, 12:11
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Re: Tea at College

by AdamMY » Aug 10th, '10, 12:11

I suggest an Electric kettle, which can hold a decent bit of water, then it is just a flip of a switch to get freshly boiled water.

Tea in a Dorm like Scenario is a bit tough and in essence you need to adapt to you situation as you see it.

I do not mean to self promote but I wrote a blog post about some things I faced and learned on my way.

http://www.thesiptip.com/2010/04/making ... udent.html

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Aug 10th, '10, 12:29
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Re: Tea at College

by TwoPynts » Aug 10th, '10, 12:29

Welcome Demasque!

I agree with Adam and highly recommend you check out his blog. :)

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Aug 10th, '10, 12:32
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Re: Tea at College

by debunix » Aug 10th, '10, 12:32

Some electric kettles have exposed elements inside: would those count?

My pino has a hidden element, but two of the the really cheap drugstore models I've used before did not.

Depending on your budget, a cheap kettle with a covered element plus a thermometer, or a nice temperature select kettle ,and a gaiwan, will get you through college and beyond.

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Aug 10th, '10, 15:52
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Re: Tea at College

by entropyembrace » Aug 10th, '10, 15:52

most electric tea kettles these days have fully enclosed heating elements you could use one of those to heat water in your room. :)

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