Stupid question of the day

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Aug 3rd, '05, 13:53
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Stupid question of the day

by Lana Y » Aug 3rd, '05, 13:53

Why does my white tea (or any tea) turn dark as it sits on my warming setting ???

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Aug 3rd, '05, 13:56
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by Mike B » Aug 3rd, '05, 13:56

August 3, 2005

Dear Madame:

That's not a "warming setting." It's a tanning bed.

Also, that's not White Tea.


James Thurber

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Aug 3rd, '05, 16:12
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by PeteVu » Aug 3rd, '05, 16:12

every tea you brew is gonna have some tea dust, and keeping it on a heater is just like slowly cooking the dust that settles on the bottom. To lessen the effect of this, try to give your leaves as little impact as possible when steeping to prevent dust from falling. Never stir your leaves; this creates tons of dust that can make your tea visibly cloudy. The only foolproof way of preventing the bitterness that is cooked tea dust is to simply drink faster. ^^ you can call me over and ill happily help you out. =P

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Aug 4th, '05, 12:12
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by Marlene » Aug 4th, '05, 12:12

Lana, have you still not discovered Rec.Food.Drink.Tea? I found them after I was mysteriously booted from the yahoo group TeaTalk.
You arn't the only one!

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