Starting a Tea Room!

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Aug 12th, '10, 20:49
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Starting a Tea Room!

by Magdalen » Aug 12th, '10, 20:49

A colleague and I are considering opening a tea room in our hometown. I have a passion for tea and she has a passion to own her own business! We have been to many tea rooms in our state of Oregon, and we love them all dearly. But I cannot ignore that tea rooms generally cater to an older crowd. And a business that doesn't change with time is doomed to failure. What we're aiming for is a more contemporary setting, but not completely devoid of the traditional English charms. We want it to be warm and cozy, without being stuffy and extravagant.

As tea lovers I see you all as excellent resources for insight! We want to hear what you have to say! What brands of tea do you prefer? What do you like to see from a tea room vs. what do you don't like? What foods do you look forward to the most? And anything else you think we should know!

We're eager to hear your opinions! Cheers ~

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Aug 12th, '10, 21:21
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Re: Starting a Tea Room!

by msurads06 » Aug 12th, '10, 21:21

The biggest thing i would say is to have a good selection of tea and know how to brew them so you can educate your customers. I hate going to a "tea room" then learning they only serve maybe 5 teas or they ruin a good tea by not preparing/storing it properly. When i go to a tea room, it is mainly to enjoy the tea/try something new, if i just want to eat i can go anywhere.

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Aug 12th, '10, 21:38
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Re: Starting a Tea Room!

by Chip » Aug 12th, '10, 21:38

Some good topics here:

And more here ... I am moving your TeaBusiness related topic here as well.

Good luck with your business. You will need to define your business model, some to consider ...

Sell tea/teaware, not a sit down tearoom.

Offer tea to drink and for sale. Specialize in tea.

Offer a broad selection of tea in addition to a food menu.

Some of these are discussed under TeaRetailer.

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Aug 14th, '10, 20:29
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Re: Starting a Tea Room!

by Victoria » Aug 14th, '10, 20:29

You may have a tough road to hoe if you plan on making it an English style tearoom and attract a younger crowd. But it could be done. Advertising wyfi connections could help. Mixing in some taller tables. Letting people brew at their tables and having a menu of loose tea.

Good luck!

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Aug 14th, '10, 23:24
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Re: Starting a Tea Room!

by IPT » Aug 14th, '10, 23:24

A really important aspect of a tea room is the atmosphere. It has to be a place where people are comfortable and can enjoy themselves. Of course your tea selection is paramount, but if the atmosphere isn't one where people will want to sit and spend time, it won't work.

Jan 14th, '11, 23:45
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Re: Starting a Tea Room!

by teapartywhimsy » Jan 14th, '11, 23:45

I find it necessary for businesses to have incredible websites and be very searchable on the web. This is the primary way I find almost any business and I think is the most important thing. I also find that my generation (I'm 20 years old) is incredibly interested in educational opportunity. You have to inform us of what you're offering us to drink, why, and even where it comes from and how it is made.

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