Rooibos & Vitamin K

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Aug 28th, '10, 07:38
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Rooibos & Vitamin K

by hiltong » Aug 28th, '10, 07:38

Having recently had Deep Vein Thrombosis, I was prescribed Warfarin.
The doctor warned me against taking Vitamin K as found in Green Tea and deep green leafy vegetables, eg. Spinach, Broccoli etc.
Does Rooibos contain Vitamin K?

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Aug 30th, '10, 00:32
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Re: Rooibos & Vitamin K

by Chip » Aug 30th, '10, 00:32

Any answers?

Welcome to TeaChat. Good luck in your quest, please be sure to verify any responses ... sounds too important to chance a mistake.

Aug 30th, '10, 03:06
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Re: Rooibos & Vitamin K

by Kunkali » Aug 30th, '10, 03:06

According to the website below it doesn't seem to be a significant source of vitamin K, if it has any at all.

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