Brewing Iced Tea

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Sep 6th, '10, 18:16
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Brewing Iced Tea

by quiddlet » Sep 6th, '10, 18:16

Hey everybody,

Looking for some advice here... Adagio shipped me some of their new iced tea bags with my last tea order and I think I completely botched the brewing. Here's what I did:

Boiled 8 cups of water (bag said 1 pouch for 1 quart)
Threw both pouches into the pot, added sugar, steeped for the directed five minutes.
After steeping was finished I added some ice which promptly (obviously) melted... Are you supposed to wait before adding ice?
I tasted the tea and found it tasted kind of bitter (and not at all mango)
After the ice melted I put the tea in a pitcher and put it in the fridge to cool...

It would strike me as very strange if the tea suddenly un=bittered but I don't see how I could have burnt it considering the steeping temperature was supposed to be 212...

Any ideas?