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Jun 7th, '07, 20:06
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New Plans For Business

by » Jun 7th, '07, 20:06

I'm planning on starting a retail/sales business that focuses on tea. Mainly organic tea (because I want my product to be eco-friendly) and I also want to focus on herbal remedies and what tea can do for one's health. I'm not sure if this would be a good franchise idea or not. What do you folks think?

Jul 27th, '07, 21:36
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by stevebarnum » Jul 27th, '07, 21:36

I don't know, there are so many pharmacies that deal with natural products these days and to go and get spam for this may be risky. However, if you can find a good spot that has no tea places, recommendable in an elderly populated area (they are usually interested in health more than others), I think you could make it.

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