Keemun Golden Buds

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Sep 5th, '10, 15:03
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Keemun Golden Buds

by Tea4Todd » Sep 5th, '10, 15:03

Just sharing a cool picture I took of some Keemun Golden Buds, nice flavor, good for a few steepings too.
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Sep 21st, '10, 11:21
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Re: Keemun Golden Buds

by rabbit » Sep 21st, '10, 11:21

Awesome colors! that would make a cool wallpaper.

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Sep 21st, '10, 11:51
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Re: Keemun Golden Buds

by Victoria » Sep 21st, '10, 11:51

Nice colors!

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Sep 21st, '10, 18:28
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Re: Keemun Golden Buds

by britt » Sep 21st, '10, 18:28

For those who were waiting, the gift grade Keemun is back in stock at Jing Tea Shop. I've already placed my order!

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