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Sep 3rd, '10, 10:57
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Re: Tea in a cup

by Kunkali » Sep 3rd, '10, 10:57

I tried grandpa style today on my Assam white mothola estate and it just tastes too over brewed...I used 3 grams of tea in a 16 oz double walled glass...threw out the first 16 oz because it was too strong and am trying to get through the 2nd cup which is also very strong.

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Sep 3rd, '10, 18:53
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Re: Tea in a cup

by skilfautdire » Sep 3rd, '10, 18:53

One other dimension to infusing/drinking tea in a glass, mentioned by a Chinese colleague (who is a tea amateur - not all Chinese are although all seemingly will talk about tea) is simply the beauty of the leaves in the glass, which adds a potentially significant touch to the experience.

Granted, not all teas look superbly nice in a glass, and maybe not one single tea in reality can look as nice as:


(could this be photoshopped - looks so bright)

But it is surely nice to momentarily gaze at the leaves from time to time. In that respect, long-leaved tea surely deserves to be served in a glass. Come to think of it, it could be some kind of a crime to put these long leaves in a teapot !!

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Sep 4th, '10, 02:00
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Re: Tea in a cup

by Chip » Sep 4th, '10, 02:00

gingkoseto wrote:In my conversation with some new tea drinkers, I've noticed what prevents them from mug brewing is that they can't bear with having leaves in the same cup they drink from, without having them filtered away. (I advocate mug drinking to new tea drinkers because very often their only alternative is a very big teapot which can kill most greens or oolongs.) It was never a problem for me, because most of the time the tea leaves stay put at the bottom of the cup. Even when one or two float into my mouth, I don't mind.

What do you people think? Do you mind drinking from a mixture of leaves and water, not acceptable, barely acceptable, or no problem at all? Hey Chip can this be a Tea Day question? :lol:
And it is this weekend's TeaDay! Thanks for the suggestion Gingkoseto. :mrgreen:
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Sep 10th, '10, 15:08
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Re: Tea in a cup

by wyardley » Sep 10th, '10, 15:08

Mr. Usaji wrote:Wait, is "grandpa style" a real term? Or did MarshalN invent it because his grandfather drinks tea that way?

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Sep 27th, '10, 03:25
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Re: Tea in a cup

by Alex » Sep 27th, '10, 03:25

I've only ever tried it with rolled oolong which worked really well. I didnt use much tea and just let it sit for 10 mins plus. It was amazing though really tasty and simple. I tried some dragon well but only used like 60-70c water which I think stopped the leaves from sinking>?> I dont know it seems this technique works better with hotter water.

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Sep 27th, '10, 07:51
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Re: Tea in a cup

by rabbit » Sep 27th, '10, 07:51

I only drink longjing glass steeped, I don't mind the leaves at all, I usually eat a few of them by accident though. :lol:

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Sep 27th, '10, 12:32
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Re: Tea in a cup

by RaynBeatle » Sep 27th, '10, 12:32

I am soooo trying this out later today :P

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