TeaMuse updated

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What do you think of the new TeaMap interface?

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Jun 20th, '05, 19:01
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TeaMuse updated

by ilya » Jun 20th, '05, 19:01

The final piece of the Adagio satellite sites, TeaMuse, is now redesigned. Although we still need to go back and add a different treatment to all of the images. Let us know your thoughts.
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Jun 21st, '05, 09:27
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by chris » Jun 21st, '05, 09:27

The new TeaMuse look is good, but the writing -- Wow! Someone should give that guy a raise!

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Jun 21st, '05, 11:56
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by Marlene » Jun 21st, '05, 11:56

*Marlene raises a glass of tea to Chris.*
There ya go. :wink:

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Jun 21st, '05, 11:58
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by chris » Jun 21st, '05, 11:58

Thanks Marlene.

(if only that could pay rent!)


Adagio Maestro

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Aug 8th, '05, 18:27
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by Mike B » Aug 8th, '05, 18:27

I am right now making egyptian breast plates with seed beads and bugle beads by hand

I'm sorry?

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Aug 8th, '05, 23:31
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by PeteVu » Aug 8th, '05, 23:31

i think im in love with the high tea girl

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