Oct 7th, '10, 11:40
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Tea and aluminum: Should I worry?

by beforewisdom » Oct 7th, '10, 11:40

Someone told me that the tea plant naturally absorbs aluminum from the soil it is grown in. Given that we live in a polluted world, is this something I should be concerned about or is it more along the lines of alternative health folklore?

If it is something I should worry about, how can I find companies that sell fair trade tea and that measure aluminum content?

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Oct 7th, '10, 14:01
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Re: Tea and aluminum: Should I worry?

by entropyembrace » Oct 7th, '10, 14:01

There is aluminum in tea but not enough to be really dangerous, it´s in a form that does not dissolve easily into water (so most of it stays in the leaves) and also it´s not easily absorbed by your body.

Here is a Brazilian study that checked fluoride and aluminum content of tea, herbal tisanes and mate.

http://www.scielosp.org/scielo.php?scri ... 4000100014

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