Yellow tea - second infusion

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Oct 24th, '10, 17:01
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Yellow tea - second infusion

by Rayuela » Oct 24th, '10, 17:01


I've been drinking pre-rain Mo gan yellow tea and whilst the first infusion is superb, subsequent infusions reveal almost nothing, even with boiling water.
I'm brewing 1 1/2 tsps in 100mls in a gaiwan.
Any suggestions (up dosage?), or is that just the way of the yellow tea?


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Oct 27th, '10, 14:17
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Re: Yellow tea - second infusion

by teaisme » Oct 27th, '10, 14:17

yellow teas can go more then just one infusion
Maybe water is too hot? How long is brew time?

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