More Packaging Woes...

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Oct 23rd, '10, 03:26
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More Packaging Woes...

by denholma » Oct 23rd, '10, 03:26

I just can't seem to win here. Not only did this last order STILL have two of the nasty paper bags but they messed up the picture on my signature blend that I ordered. It is supposed to be a very cute picture of a cat 700x300 WITH the tea name and my name. Instead, they stretched out my picture (which looks horrible) and didn't put the tea name or my name on the package. I don't know why they did this as I definitely had the smaller picture w/names selected for that tea. I also noticed the background of the picture is a LOT darker than it should be so I lightened the picture and hopefully that fixes that issue but now I'm wondering if I should even bother with custom pics for my signature blends if they are just going to stretch them out. Not to mention how tacky my bag looks now since I had to use a marker to write the name of the tea on the bag. *sigh* I was going to order three more signature blends along with gunpowder tea as soon as that becomes available and I hope I don't have this problem again. I really like my pics and it just isn't right to see them all stretched out of shape - and I REALLY don't want to have to magic marker another bag.

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Oct 25th, '10, 23:13
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Re: More Packaging Woes...

by jazz88 » Oct 25th, '10, 23:13

You may not like what I'm about say but I'll say it anyway :) I'm just trying to clarify and perhaps help.

1. Colors will always differ from what you see on your monitor and what you get when the artwork is printed. And there is no "they" to blame. It's just how it is. And yes sometimes it can be disappointing. Tip: from my experience with Adagio labels oranges, reds, yellows, blues print better. Greens - not so much.

2. Most people are reluctant to admit it but most people have hard time with resizing images properly hence the stretching and image distortion.
The image you used probably was not the correct size. In fact, I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

Almost no image will be the exact size you need: it also might be a different proportion than the print area so you would have to adjust.

Tip: use larger images and use to resize the image properly. Take time and listen to the tutorials.

Also why didn't you use the preview? When you put your cursor over the label it shows your label pretty accurately.

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Oct 25th, '10, 23:56
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Re: More Packaging Woes...

by Chip » Oct 25th, '10, 23:56

... so says our resident graphic designer (and more). :mrgreen:

Oct 27th, '10, 02:05
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Re: More Packaging Woes...

by denholma » Oct 27th, '10, 02:05

I really do know what I am doing with images. The problem is that the image was stretched FROM the image that I uploaded which definitely was the correct size. Adagio used the incorrect format - It was supposed to be the smaller height image with the blend name on top and my name underneath. Instead they used the format that is just the bigger height image. After I uploaded the image I checked to make sure I had the right format selected and I did but for some reason Adagio just decided to use the other format and stretch the height of my image to fit. The problem was not on my side - I resized and cropped the image so that it fit the specifications perfectly. The image I used was EXACTLY the correct size. 700 by 300 for the format I chose. They stretched it to 700 by 437 to fit the OTHER format instead. Not only did my picture look awful but the blend name was nowhere on my bag because I didn't incorporate the name into the picture - which is why I chose the format where the name appears on top. Please do not brush this off as being my error. I just want to be sure that when I order a bunch of my blends next month the same thing won't happen again. And I DID use the preview - that is how I am SURE that the image I submitted was fine - it looks fine now too. If you don't believe me go look yourself. It is Cocoa Hazelnut Honeybush by April Denholm. That is how it was supposed to look but that is not what was shipped to me.

Oct 27th, '10, 04:03
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Re: More Packaging Woes...

by bsteele » Oct 27th, '10, 04:03

Have you contacted customer service at Adagio? ( That's probably the best place to start. This isn't a bad place to post order problems BUT you'll get a quicker response that way :)

Maybe you could just print your own picture and glue it on?

Oct 28th, '10, 10:27
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Re: More Packaging Woes...

by denholma » Oct 28th, '10, 10:27

I did email Adagio support. This is what they had to say.

Thanks for your note. We've now fixed the problem you report. To avert repeat of the same, we recommend selecting the "Display blend name, label artwork & your name" option, and not the "Display only the label artwork"

I don't know how many times I have to explain that I DID select the 'Display blend name, label artwork and your name' option and that for some reason Adagio changed it to the other one. The preview still shows that is the option I selected but for some reason the other option was used instead. I just want to be sure it won't happen again is all. I suppose I'll just have to order them and cross my fingers - and if it happens again just go back to the regular artwork instead of custom. Has anyone else had this problem?

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