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Nov 4th, '10, 12:34
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New online shop

by teaboxonline » Nov 4th, '10, 12:34

Hiya All,

I love this forum - full of great information.

I currently work as an Art Director but have realised that my dream is to have my own tea shop. It is something I really want to do but I know I really need to learn allot more about tea before I even start thinking about opening a tea room.

So I thought the best thing to do would be to set up an online tea shop so I can learn all about teas whilst selling them and getting to know tea fans :)

We are due to launch the site on November the 27th. And I would love to hear proper tea fans opinions on our choice of teas. We have a great White Silver Needle tea which I’m so exciting about selling. If you want any more info please visit the site at:

teaboxonline dot com

I would really love to hear your thoughts on my new venture and any advice you could offer.

Thank you

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Nov 4th, '10, 12:59
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Re: New online shop

by Nenugal » Nov 4th, '10, 12:59

The site looks fine so far. However, what is making a lot of difference for me is how each tea is presented. Will you offer information about harvest date (or at least year), harvest location, details about what to expect taste-wise, and honest descriptions of the quality? Pictures of dry and wet leaves are nice to have too. Also available payment methods (paypal is good!), shipping costs, international shipping, can make me buy or not buy from a shop. And I like wish-lists, free samples and frequent buyer discounts :)
Good luck!

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Nov 4th, '10, 13:01
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Re: New online shop

by Chip » Nov 4th, '10, 13:01

I have moved this topic to TeaBusiness and edited it according to forum rules. Please PM me with any questions.

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