Classify oolong

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Aug 24th, '07, 15:57
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Classify oolong

by Spotless » Aug 24th, '07, 15:57

My friend just got back from china and he bought me some oolong tea (birthday present :D ). He told me that it was $45 for 4 oz. but he didn't know what type of oolong it is; and frankly neither do i, besides Chinese that is haha. Is there any certain characteristics to look for in terms of classifying them? Basically I would just like to know what I'm drinking?

I can't post pictures currently but possibly later if they are needed.

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Aug 24th, '07, 18:34
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by Salsero » Aug 24th, '07, 18:34

There are a lot different Chinese oolongs. Perhaps you could describe the color and shape of the leaves both before and after brewing, the color and taste of the liquor, and if there is information on the package, that would also be helpful, even if it is in Chinese.

Yes, pictures would also be nice.

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Aug 25th, '07, 15:34
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by hop_goblin » Aug 25th, '07, 15:34

I agree with Sal. It is virtually impossible to classy any tea without knowing more and seeing picutures. I am sure that the most savvy of the Oolong drinkers in Teachat will be able to classify them into groups for ya. :wink:

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