Brewing methods in different cultures

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Aug 28th, '07, 00:02
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Brewing methods in different cultures

by macatea » Aug 28th, '07, 00:02

Hi there, I'm fairly new to loose leaf teas and was very curious about how different cultures like in china, india, etc brew their tea. Do they use infusers or do they just pour the water into their teacup. And how do restaurants prepare the teapots. Are there infusers / strainers in the tea kettles? EDIT: or maybe the tea pots have built in infusers and they pour out all tea before starting a new batch?

if they do pour the water into a cup of tea leaves, do they then have to drink the tea within the allotted steep time so that it doesn't get bitter and spit out leaves if they accidentally drink the leaves?

Thanks for your experience.

Aug 28th, '07, 04:51
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by TeaNotCoffee » Aug 28th, '07, 04:51

I'm no to sure about a lot of your question, sorry, but i was watching Modern Marvels on the History channel.. and it was about the history of tea.. and i heard that the chinese eat the tea leaves when they finish drinking the tea.. but im not sure, its been a while. :D

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Aug 28th, '07, 07:52
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by Mary R » Aug 28th, '07, 07:52

Most cultures will use some sort of infusion device. It's really just teabag-crazy West that brews straight in the cup. These devices, however, are usually just some sort of small pot with some sort of guard around the spout. The leaves go in, the brewing happens, then all liquor is poured out (and consumed) before it all happens again.

A lot of Chinese drinkers, however, will put green leaves straight into the cup and pour cooler hot water over them. They sip away, then add more water and leaves as they need them until they are satisfied. There's no real reason to remove the leaves here because they use water cool enough to keep the tea getting bitter.

And yeah, some people do eat the leaves--generally the leaves of the more tender green teas. They're not that bad, really...but I'll keep to lettuce for my salads.

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