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Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Aug 30th, '07, 12:27
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by Andee » Aug 30th, '07, 12:27

Hey everyone! Looks like by Friday night we'll own a tea shop. We decided to call it The Tea Cupboard and we are very excited. It is very tiny but adorable and we'll have a great selection of tea, teapots, tea sets, etc. If the Hstorical Society okays our sign today I'll try to post it. Thanks to all of you for the great ideas and support! Andee

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Aug 30th, '07, 12:39
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by scruffmcgruff » Aug 30th, '07, 12:39

Congrats! I look forward to the pictures. :)

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Aug 30th, '07, 14:05
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by xine » Aug 30th, '07, 14:05

Congrats! Be sure to list your tea shop on our teamap.com :)

Sep 3rd, '07, 02:12
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by Jolayne0 » Sep 3rd, '07, 02:12

Hi Andee:

I'm new to this site and I just finished reading all of the posts related to your new shop. First and foremost, congratulations on your new business venture, The Tea Cupboard. I hope you and your husband are successful.
There is a tea shop that I visit occasionally in Sacramento, CA. It is largely decorated in an art deco theme, but the back of the shop offers different atmosphere for tea drinking. There is a Chinese table setting for two on two carved chairs and a wooden screen where the pair can enjoy tea Gong fu style. There is also seating for four on floor cushions under a Russian tent complete with a low table and Samovar. Finally, there is a boudoir setting with two chairs and a tea cart to enjoy afternoon tea. A tea bar is located at the front of the shop, but I think most patrons enjoy the settings. If you ever decide to steer towards a theme, maybe these will help you.

Best of luck!

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Dec 3rd, '07, 02:03
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by Prismac » Dec 3rd, '07, 02:03

Woah, where in Western Maryland? I live in Boonsboro, and I'd love to come visit you guys! I'm hoping to open up a teashop of my own someday! Not anytime soon, though, as I'm still in high school.

Isn't it area the loveliest place to have something like that? It's like it stayed in the past.

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