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Nov 21st, '10, 20:25
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Teahouses Review

by matcha/mate.enthusia » Nov 21st, '10, 20:25

Although in this economy (and being a university student) I can scarcely afford to patronize teahouses/cafes with any regularity( :( ) I occasionally find occasion to do so, if someone treats me. I just wanted to share two very positive experiences with tea cafes in Colorado which I highly recommend as a customer.

Wystone's World Teas-

This teahouse/cafe, located in Belmar (in Lakewood, if anyone happens to live nearby) is truly excellent. One fine day about a year ago I went there for a nice lunch and cup in between my high school classes and Japanese literature course at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The food was of stellar quality in taste, preparation, and indeed all aspects, and the cup of matcha that I ordered was likewise delicious and gave me a nice boost for my university class later in the day. The cost was quite high but entirely worth it, coming to just over $50 for two people who ordered a reasonable-sized lunch (with dessert) and one cup of tea each. The website is wystonestea.com--I highly encourage anyone who lives near Lakewood, CO and who can afford to splurge a bit to check it out.

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse-

In early July of this year I went out for lunch at this teahouse (http://www.boulderteahouse.com/), located in Downtown Boulder not far from my university at which I was taking a Japanese-language class at the time. The food here is also excellent, and the portions are sufficently large enough to be filling (although this is entirely subjective). The teas are of extremely high quality and they carry a few interesting blends which use tea/mate in creative ways. I personally ordered the Organic Cloud Mist flavor of Chinese green tea, finding it to have a wonderfully 'earthy' and hearty flavor which lingered on my tongue for minutes after consumption. The entire teahouse was a gift from the Boulder sister-city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and the entire place is decorated floor-to-ceiling with artisan-carved and hand-painted artwork. The atmosphere is delightful. I purchased a small tin of mango-flavored mate there which I am sipping as I type.

Well, I realize that these locations are extremely specific, but I find that the single teahouses (as opposed to chains, etc.) tend to be of the best quality in service and product. If anyone on here happens to live or otherwise be in Colorado, I recommend these two locations.