Designing the perfect teashop

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Nov 30th, '10, 21:03
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Re: Designing the perfect teashop

by tenuki » Nov 30th, '10, 21:03

I'm gonna try to answer you question as you asked it. Here are the things I've seen tea shops do wrong.

Understaffed, understocked, poorly trained staff, uncomfortable seating, lack of flexibility in tea infusion ware, not carrying some sort of food (english teahouses have this exactly right - most people do not just drink tea, they go someplace to socialize, which in the western world means eat), no price information (common in asian run shops and as a westerner I don't like it at all), dirty - it's surprising to me how often the teaware on display is dusty.

Ok, I'll stop now but I could probably go on for a while longer.

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Nov 30th, '10, 21:57
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Re: Designing the perfect teashop

by IPT » Nov 30th, '10, 21:57

Very good points, those are things I don't like either and try to avoid in my shops. Well, all except for the price marking. With the culture here in Guilin, it would actually hurt business to mark prices. It's a long story, so I won't try to explain it here. I never understood why shops don't have at least snacks to munch on.

I think I have designed the perfect teashop, but it will have to wait until I retire in 20 years so I can make it a reality.

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