Tea for finals week

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Dec 4th, '10, 02:10
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Tea for finals week

by theory » Dec 4th, '10, 02:10

Any other students/gradstudents out there tackling finals?

Whats your favorite tea or tea hobby to get you through exams?

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Dec 4th, '10, 12:17
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Re: Tea for finals week

by AdamMY » Dec 4th, '10, 12:17

Lots of easy to brew tea, being brewed and consumed while reading and reading and reading, and occasionally working some problems.

Dec 4th, '10, 14:05
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Re: Tea for finals week

by malin890423 » Dec 4th, '10, 14:05

A big(!) teacup, and lots of tea.... :)

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Dec 4th, '10, 15:12
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Re: Tea for finals week

by Chip » Dec 4th, '10, 15:12

My very first recollection of tea, from a vending machine studying for finals. Loose leaf had not yet been invented. :lol:

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Dec 4th, '10, 17:50
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Re: Tea for finals week

by nickE » Dec 4th, '10, 17:50

I don't like to drink anything expensive or that takes a lot of concentration. I drink cheap Chinese greens or Wuyi grandpa style. I brew a big pot of Shupu sometimes, too.

In reality, though, I don't drink tea while studying very often. Usually, I'm at the library where I'll just buy a coffee or a sugar-free Red Bull. :oops: I just need the caffeine.

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Dec 4th, '10, 17:55
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Re: Tea for finals week

by skilfautdire » Dec 4th, '10, 17:55

Do not get a big cup (eg. mug). Brew numerous small (~120ml) cups. Tea is then always hot/warm. Also, making small breaks is good when studying. Brew tea with an empty mind. Get back to the context. Bi luo chun, if you like bitter, can be brewed to a kick-potent state.

Tea can bring kick and clearness of mind. Coffee can bring kick and mudiness of mind.

If you're at the library, bring a thermos of some potent tea (eg. Bi luo chun brewed on the heavy side) and a small cup.

A big mug is a ticket to sleepiness and lack of concentration.

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Dec 4th, '10, 18:18
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Re: Tea for finals week

by entropyembrace » Dec 4th, '10, 18:18

Actually I´ve been brewing puerh and roasted oolongs in my gaiwan and gongfu pot while studying. The little breaks help me concentrate and stay relaxed.

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Dec 4th, '10, 18:41
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Re: Tea for finals week

by skilfautdire » Dec 4th, '10, 18:41

Absolutely. Little breaks are nice for getting things seeped in.

Having tried both, the monolthic 'big mug' (!) approach and the one with little breaks, I can see the difference.

Sheng puerh are certainly one nice tea to have in those times. For some reason I focused on green bi luo chun in my reply although just about any sheng puerh would be fine. oolongs in general, I'm not so sure.

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Dec 5th, '10, 02:19
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Re: Tea for finals week

by Dresden » Dec 5th, '10, 02:19

I usually go with a black brewed western style while studying. Nothing I have to pay close attention to.

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Dec 5th, '10, 03:31
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Re: Tea for finals week

by debunix » Dec 5th, '10, 03:31

I used to do a lot of dark roast Ti Guan Yin, but that was pretty much the only tea I drank back then. And for exams, Morning Thunder from Celestial Seasonings--would take a bottle of hot water, drop in a few teabags, and head off to take the tests.

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Dec 6th, '10, 17:20
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Re: Tea for finals week

by teaisme » Dec 6th, '10, 17:20

A high quality sencha or kukicha mixed in with a little sage

So you get that calm alertness and some memory enhancement too :wink:

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Dec 6th, '10, 19:37
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Re: Tea for finals week

by entropyembrace » Dec 6th, '10, 19:37

during the exam today I took some sencha in a glass bottle...going outside iced it pretty well :lol:

Dec 6th, '10, 21:42
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Re: Tea for finals week

by Owlie » Dec 6th, '10, 21:42

Easy-to-brew, non-finicky black tea, most of the time. It was either Earl Grey, chai or black jasmine. Or mate if I wasn't planning on sleeping. :shock:

Dec 7th, '10, 02:39
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Re: Tea for finals week

by alicekrauss » Dec 7th, '10, 02:39

My grandma would prepare me a Oolong Tea which is useful for treatment of digestive disorders I tend to get that when I'm stress or pressured.

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Dec 9th, '10, 12:45
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Re: Tea for finals week

by nrstooge » Dec 9th, '10, 12:45

I'm long finished with school/finals but I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestion to make several small cups instead of one large mug/pot. In the evening I had been making a 16oz Laurel Birch coffee mug worth, but it would always get cold, etc. This weekend I got 2 8oz Boudin 2 layer glass tea cups and it makes my tea experience in the evenings much more enjoyable. I make just one cup at a time and it stays warm enough so I can finish.

So again, thank you for all the shared knowlege.

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