Dec 15th, '10, 20:21
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Storing inbetween infusions.

by rmz100987 » Dec 15th, '10, 20:21

I've done a lot of searching to answer this question but haven't found much.

After brewing a tea, what do I do with those used leaves until the next brewing? If I plan to brew again the same day I'll leave it in the pot, but if it will be over night or if I want to brew a different tea between infusions of the used leaves, I'm not sure of the best way to store them.

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Dec 15th, '10, 21:17
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Re: Storing inbetween infusions.

by ndw76 » Dec 15th, '10, 21:17

I'm no expert, but I would store them in the teapot. If you want to try another tea while you are waiting for a long infusion this might be a great excuse to buy some more yixing teapots.

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Dec 15th, '10, 21:26
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Re: Storing inbetween infusions.

by entropyembrace » Dec 15th, '10, 21:26

I´d say don´t do it.

If the infusions are too much to drink in a short time make smaller infusions.

You´re risking growth of mold and other microbes the longer you let the tea sit...they´re there damaging the flavour of your tea and producing toxins long before you can see them.

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Dec 16th, '10, 04:59
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Re: Storing inbetween infusions.

by Alex » Dec 16th, '10, 04:59

I cant imagine it would taste that good and agree with En. The most my leaves get left for is around 2 hours then I wash with boiling water and carry on.

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