What are your fav Oolongs?

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Dec 11th, '10, 20:00
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What are your fav Oolongs?

by chef07172 » Dec 11th, '10, 20:00

I am just wondering what your favorite oolongs are and why. I will start with my two. I love Jin Xuan and tung ting jade. I love the creaminess of the jun xuan and love the fresh floral almost honeysuckle of the tung ting.

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Dec 11th, '10, 20:37
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by iannon » Dec 11th, '10, 20:37

I would have to say Li shan and Ali Shan's on varying varietals. I really like TfT's Wu Ling and Hua Gang Li Shan's also on my list is a good DYL. I just love the mellow buttery sweetness of those teas

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Dec 11th, '10, 22:22
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Tead Off » Dec 11th, '10, 22:22

It seems that each variety of oolong has its favorite for me. I can't pick one over another, like TGY over Shui Xian. Roasted chicken over BBQ? uh-uh.

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Dec 12th, '10, 00:00
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Poohblah » Dec 12th, '10, 00:00

definitely feng huang dan cong

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Dec 12th, '10, 02:30
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Alex » Dec 12th, '10, 02:30

TGY (green)

Are among my v favs.

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Dec 12th, '10, 15:18
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Catfur » Dec 12th, '10, 15:18

A good roasted Dong Ding...


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Dec 12th, '10, 16:10
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Nenugal » Dec 12th, '10, 16:10

Tie Guan Yin
Da Hong Pao
Dan Cong

Dec 13th, '10, 07:57
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by Fredrik » Dec 13th, '10, 07:57

Feng Huang Ba Xian Dancong


Oriental Beauty

Because they are the sweetest tasting teas I have tasted.

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Dec 15th, '10, 14:37
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by yshuto » Dec 15th, '10, 14:37

Arisan (Alishan) cha
Blue/green varieties

There is another that I have only found in 1 tea shop in Taipei.
Kinmokusei Arisan
The fragrance of this tea is divine

"Kinmokusei (Osmanthus)
The flowers of the osmanthus, or sweet olive tree, are simple, but their fragrance is very fine, something like apricot and jasmine combined. You can often find this small tree planted in city parks, sometimes in clusters of three or four to intensify the power of their perfume. The variety known as kinmokusei (golden olive) has warm apricot-colored flowers,"
Qoute taken from Japan Times Online.

Dec 15th, '10, 14:50
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by NOESIS » Dec 15th, '10, 14:50

1) Shui Xian / High Fire TGY
2) Da Yu Ling
3) (Imen's) Dancongs

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Dec 16th, '10, 11:07
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by AlexZorach » Dec 16th, '10, 11:07

This is so hard to answer because I like so many different oolongs.

I love the se chung oolongs (Anxi oolongs other than tie guan yin); my two favorites in this category are huang jin gui / golden osmanthus, and fo shou / buddha's palm. I also like qi lan. I had a very dark wuyi qi lan which I liked too. I'm less a fan of ben shan, as it strikes me as a weaker / less interesting version of tie guan yin.

Where do I like them from? I've had good ones from different sources but right now my favorite source is Life in Teacup.

I would like to get more into dan congs, and I'd like to explore more of the wuyi oolongs. I also would like to explore more Taiwanese oolongs; I recently discovered that I like Alishan oolong much more than dong ding, which was exciting. I still haven't settled on a good source of Taiwanese oolongs; a lot of the best ones I've tried have been gifts, and not labeled with an identifiable brand / source.

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Dec 16th, '10, 11:13
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by TwoPynts » Dec 16th, '10, 11:13

I like the greens, but my favorites are the lightly roasted, medium x, amber colored, honey-sweet varieties with a rich, smooth mouthfeel. Oriental Beauty, Hong Shui and Concubine/Dong Ding I suppose, with Wuyi's trailing closely.

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Dec 16th, '10, 12:20
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by edkrueger » Dec 16th, '10, 12:20

Dark Roast Muzha TGY
Bai Hao
Medium Roast Hong Shui
Medium Roast Gui Fei

Dark Roast TGY

Dec 16th, '10, 17:48
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by shah82 » Dec 16th, '10, 17:48

/me visits Ed's home...

I'm pretty much with him except on the Bai Hao part. I like robust leaves, oxidized well and roasted well.

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Dec 17th, '10, 15:31
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Re: What are your fav Oolongs?

by brad4419 » Dec 17th, '10, 15:31

Any yancha is my favorite oolong. The one that stands out to me the most right now is shui jin gui but that could change tomorrow. light,medium, dark roast, its all good. Maybe I like medium a bit better but it depends on the day.

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