Forcast: Partly Cloudy

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Sep 12th, '07, 10:41
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Forcast: Partly Cloudy

by Scarlet Glow » Sep 12th, '07, 10:41

My normal routine has been making a pitcher of tea which I can get three 12oz mugs of tea from to take with me to school. I only take one 12oz mug a day with me... so, doing the math, the pitcher of tea is in the frig for 2-3 days.

Now here is my problem. I made a pitcher of Kukicha on Sunday. I ended up having 12oz of it that same day. However, by Tuesday, the last 12oz or so that I had left in the pitcher was very cloudy. I remember reading that some teas cloud so I thought this was normal, poured me a mugful, and walked out the door.

When I started to drink the tea... it was very weak. It did not taste like what I had drank on Sunday and Monday. I continued to drink it, though, but once I got to the bottom of the container, it was very strong and bitter.

I have searched around this forum (and also google) to find out what I could about Kukicha... managing only to discover that you guys really love the stuff! Heh heh... So I'm hoping you will help me out with my question. Is Kukicha only good if drunk immediately or at most a day after? If so, are there other teas that are the same way?

I guess I need to do some more research on clouding, but I would definately appreciate the help.

You guys rock! :wink:

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Sep 12th, '07, 10:53
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by Mary R » Sep 12th, '07, 10:53

Hm. I've never had enough kuki leftover to ice, so I'm not 100% on it in particular. But generally, I think most teas do cloud after a day or so. I think that's why the commercial stuff usually has a bit of citric acid in keeps it clear. You can mimic that with a bit of lemon juice, should you like a hint of lemon in the tea.

As far as the lack of taste/bitterness goes... *shrug.* It's my opinion that greens don't taste near as strong iced as they do hot, but that's just me. My little brother once complained that iced tea we kept in a pitcher (which is a little open around the spout) didn't taste as good as tea we stored in an old "Simply Orange" screw-top bottle...I'm not sure why though.

Sep 12th, '07, 11:22
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by Scarlet Glow » Sep 12th, '07, 11:22

Thanks for the help, Mary!

I will see what I can do about this cloudy issue... but it's hard for me with my schedule because I only have certain times during the week to make tea.

I have also been wanting to take 24oz of tea with me instead of 12oz each day... so that may help cut down on the problem, since the tea will not sit in the frig as long.

Thanks again for the help! :D

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Sep 12th, '07, 11:32
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by Chip » Sep 12th, '07, 11:32

Japanese green teas seem more susceptable to degrading and clouding, I think. It is better drunk the same day.

Also, as you drink Japanese tea, hot or cold, try swirling it in the cup, this will keep it from getting bitter towards the bottom. Also, shake it before pouring.

Kukicha is always going to be mild, hot or cold, a leopard cannot change its spots. But since I love the stuff, that is ok with me. It is simply not a bold tea. Sencha on the other hand will make a bolder cup of iced tea.

This brings up the issue of why so many teas are flavored, they are simply too light for the average American.

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