Relax and enjoy 2011 - Get Married and Make Babies

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Dec 24th, '10, 22:23
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Relax and enjoy 2011 - Get Married and Make Babies

by auhckw » Dec 24th, '10, 22:23

Relax and enjoy 2011

Dec 24, 2010 18:31 Moscow Time

We will have our share of calm in 2011, astrologists say. But according to Pavel Globa, Russia’s best-known star-teller, this may be a calm before the storm. He predicts a new economic crisis in 2013 and 2014. Globa’s forecast for the outgoing year proved 70-80% correct – the abnormal heatwave in Russia, the earthquake in Haiti, the tragic plane crash near Smolensk, which killed Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and dozens of other senior Polish officials.

The stars will give us a brief respite, inviting us to relax and enjoy ourselves, Globa says.

2011 will hardly abound in catastrophes, cataclysms, shocking events or major industrial accidents, let alone wars. Rather, this will be a safe haven, an islet of stability. A military catastrophe is possible in the Middle East – closer to Iran and the Caspian Sea.

There will be many eclipses in 2011, particularly in June, which may prove the worst month of the year. Globa advises everyone to watch out and not to travel too far or launch new projects in June. The last eclipse will occur on December 10, coinciding with the annual Nobel prize-giving ceremony, something that Globa says is a sign of a looming scandal.

The Year of the Rabbit, or the Cat, according to the Oriental Calendar, will be especially good for married people and young couples. It may be a precursor for a baby boom, Pavel Globa says.

Once, a 60-year-old woman in Brazil gave birth to six babies, and it happened in the Year of the Rabbit. It’s a good year for women to marry and to have babies. Married men with children and strong family traditions will have better career opportunities and will be luckier in life. Things may prove just the opposite for single, divorced or unmarried women, who don’t have or do not want to have children, as well as for the sexual minorities.

According to the Persian Calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Magpie – the bird that spreads gossips and rumors, which means that it could be a good year for mass media, above all journalists.

The scandal around the founder of the WikiLeaks web site Julian Assange will not only continue, Pavel Globa says, but will reach its peak in 2011. I think he has a great future ahead of him, unless his life is cut short ahead of some eclipse. He was born on June 13, and his birthday almost coincides with the summer solstice. I would advise such people to keep a low profile, but this is something he is unable to do.

According to Pavel Globa, bright prospects await all those who achieved success in the outgoing year, the Year of the tiger.

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Re: Relax and enjoy 2011 - Get Married and Make Babies

by fracol » Dec 26th, '10, 12:41

Great an economic crisis in our future. How am I supposed to enjoy 2011 a calm and peaceful year if I know we have so many problems in the future?

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