Oct 19th, '10, 00:50
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Please help me. I'm new to this industry

by Newtoteabusiness » Oct 19th, '10, 00:50

Hi, i want to start my own Tea brand, like have my own 100% herbal tea brand with private label and package. My plan is to develop my own brand and begin by selling through people I know and online.i want my own blending, and I already know what herbal to use and how to get it.
It comes from different continent and i would like to bring it to the rest of the world.

I'm a student and don't have enough money so i'm going to be starting this from scratch .
My questions are.
1) how to go about starting this brand?
2) how to make my own private labeling and packaging?
3) how much would this cost me?
4) will i need a lawyer?
5)what about the FDA?
6) who do i talk to? Sorry i don't know anyone who's in this business.

I would really appreciate any guidance on how this industry works.


Jan 14th, '11, 23:32
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Re: Please help me. I'm new to this industry

by teapartywhimsy » Jan 14th, '11, 23:32

I highly recommend you check out Tea Events' courses. They are a bit of an investment but not nearly as much as going to a conference so it's the cheapest way to get this information that I have found. http://www.startateabusiness.com. There is extensive information in the course about packaging and private label and exactly how to start. It's been the best thing I've done because it really shows you your options and tells you where to look and how to get started right away. There is also a lot of information about what to know about running a tea business on the web as well that would be really helpful. I'm a student also and this course gives great options for starting your business with basically no money and knowing how will save you money. I took the children's tea party course they offer as well because that's how I'm going to start building revenue for my business.

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