Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Jan 19th, '11, 18:44
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by Kithikor » Jan 19th, '11, 18:44

My sample of tea came in today! So I busted out the Oolong. My teas came from TeaSource.Com. The Oolong is Blue Beauty. Well, I was excited and had my head in the clouds. I used a heaping teaspoon and then weighed it. It was 3 grams. I was supposed to use 8 ounces of water, but used 16 instead. The tea was not bad, for being weak. Had a little floral in the taste. I really liked it. I used water between 190* and 200* F and let it steep for 4 minutes. So I calmed down and made another cup, 8 ounces this time, with the last bit. I let it steep 5 minutes this time. It was WAY weaker than the first. Next time on the third time using the leaves, I will go 6 minutes.

The teas came in individual bags with a see through back and a black front. I don't know what the front is made out of, but it reminds me of a military Meal Ready to Eat, MRE. All the bags were enclosed in another bigger bag and WOW! The aromas are very NICE! At the VERY first of sniffing the big bag, I get a pumpkin/zucchini bread-spice scent! Wonderful. (no to find which tea has that smell )

Would raising the temperature of the water to 200*-205* also be a good idea?

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Jan 20th, '11, 06:58
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Re: w00t...

by Alex » Jan 20th, '11, 06:58

It may be a good idea it may not. Enjoy the tea and explore the parameters, find what suits you best. 8)

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