Sharing Tea With People

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Jan 29th, '11, 02:03
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Sharing Tea With People

by christopherscott2112 » Jan 29th, '11, 02:03

I am in high school and am in the band. My high school band was having a Midnight Madness event where we practiced til' twelve, and then perform a concert. We have about fifteen minute breaks between the long practice sessions. My friend and I figured it would be a neat idea to bring some tea and my ingenuiTea. On our second or third break we got in the corner and start brewing up some tea. The fun part was it gathered a small crowd, whom where fascinated with this new concept of tea. (I live in Alabama.) We got to tell them about it. We made both black and green tea. It was just a very neat experience to share. (We actually were thanked for the experience!) It was just a nice thing to share the joy of tea with people. :)

Any tea stories similar?