Help! Trying to locate a tea please.

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Aug 11th, '05, 12:25

Help! Trying to locate a tea please.

by delightred » Aug 11th, '05, 12:25

Hi! Not sure that I am in the correct place, but I have a question concerning a tea that I had found last season. I am down to my last two boxes and need to re-stock.
The name of the tea is individual tea bags, by Bigalow Tea. The tea is Green Tea with Peach. I like this particular brand because it is caffinated and just right in the flavor department. I have tried to email the company and I got zippo information there-so any help? Thanks! :D

Aug 20th, '05, 11:57

by Sue » Aug 20th, '05, 11:57

The Bigalow Tea website has a shop section where you can purchase it in bulk.

There's also a recipe at for making your own peachy green tea from scratch that sounds interesting.

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