Result of tea education

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Sep 17th, '07, 08:15
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Result of tea education

by Samovar » Sep 17th, '07, 08:15

When I first starting posting on the boards I stood firm by black teas.

Now most of the teas that I drink are green - especially sencha and matcha.

It's wonderful what tea education will do!


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Sep 17th, '07, 08:26
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by Chip » Sep 17th, '07, 08:26

Greens are great!!!!!!!!! :wink:

Sencha is sensational!!!!!!!!!

Matcha is magnificent!!!!!!!!

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Sep 17th, '07, 10:39
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by Wesli » Sep 17th, '07, 10:39

chip wrote:Greens are great!!!!!!!!! :wink:

Sencha is sensational!!!!!!!!!

Matcha is magnificent!!!!!!!!

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Sep 17th, '07, 17:52
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by tomasini » Sep 17th, '07, 17:52


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Oct 14th, '07, 12:41
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by Trey Winston » Oct 14th, '07, 12:41

I agree, I don't think I would go back to black tea either. Loose leaf green tea is it for me, possibly followed by white tea.

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Oct 14th, '07, 13:01
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by bambooforest » Oct 14th, '07, 13:01

FataliTEA wrote:
chip wrote:Greens are great!!!!!!!!! :wink:

Sencha is sensational!!!!!!!!!

Matcha is magnificent!!!!!!!!
Double Ditto! Sencha is my favorite tea :-)

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Oct 15th, '07, 01:47
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by skywarrior » Oct 15th, '07, 01:47

I'm probably the only die-hard black/oolong tea drinker here. I've opened my mind to the possibility of green tea, but still not quite converted.

That being said, I am having some raspberry green because it is late.

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Nov 29th, '15, 21:36
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Re: Result of tea education

by tdell001 » Nov 29th, '15, 21:36

I can definitely relate to the feeling of looking back and saying "wow, I feel much different about tea now that I have been a member of teachat and read a lot". However, I still feel there is a lot that confuses me or is still in the dark. Knowledge is a strange thing, it seems silly and endless but I also feel I can have a greater appreciation for tea (or all things) as a result of knowledge.

Dec 1st, '15, 18:45
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Re: Result of tea education

by stockman » Dec 1st, '15, 18:45

I enjoy every kind of tea despite high roasted oolongs, but greens and blacks are my favourite ones...

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Dec 3rd, '15, 00:34
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Re: Result of tea education

by CWarren » Dec 3rd, '15, 00:34

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Dec 4th, '15, 15:05
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Re: Result of tea education

by Alex » Dec 4th, '15, 15:05

Black tea is in my blood. Assam with milk is like too special to me. Always has been and always will be. But this board had me work all the way through Chinese teas to Japanese and now all the high end tea i drink is sencha only

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Dec 4th, '15, 16:32
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Re: Result of tea education

by kuánglóng » Dec 4th, '15, 16:32

My preferences keep changing all the time, but one thing that hasn't changed a bit over the years is my love for finicky, brisk Darjeelings and some oolongs. Everything else just comes and goes (back into storage).

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