Hello from Seattle

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Mar 20th, '11, 14:25
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Hello from Seattle

by nw-T » Mar 20th, '11, 14:25

Just strolled across TeaChat yesterday.I have always loved tea, but it has not been till this year that I have become obsessed with tea, especially Oolong Teas!!
I had sampled some very floral Oolongs that a coworker had brought in a was on a mission to further my education on Oolong and I strolled into Floating Leaves Tea and met Shiuwen!
I have returned many times to drink and talk tea. The shop is a short walk from my apartment and I always leave there feeling very alive!
I am now on my 7th infusion of Baozhong Hon. Mention on this beautiful first day of Spring!
Other teas I have purchased from her are: Muzha Tiequanyia, ShanLinXi, Alishan, Dong Ding Fragrant and Taiwan Shui Xian.
I am looking fwd to increasing my knowledge of tea and this seems like it will be a great place to do that.
I am also interested in purchasing a Yixing pot . I am not in a rush and wondering where the best place to do this would be.
Look fwd to talking tea with you.


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Mar 20th, '11, 16:23
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by rhondabee » Mar 20th, '11, 16:23

Hi Steve, welcome!

I'm so envious of you living within walking distance of Floating Tea Leaves. I love her tea, and right now I'm enjoying a sample of 2010 Winter Farmer's Choice Baozhong tea. My current favorite is the 2010 Winter Lishan oolong.


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Mar 21st, '11, 01:34
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by Chip » Mar 21st, '11, 01:34

Hi Steve and welcome to the TeaChats! I am looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

Mar 26th, '11, 10:23
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by Chasm » Mar 26th, '11, 10:23

Wow, how lucky to live within walking distance of a good shop. I look forward to hearing more about your oolong explorations.

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Mar 26th, '11, 10:29
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by tortoise » Mar 26th, '11, 10:29

Hi Steve,

Welcome to Teachat. Ballard is a beautiful place to live and drink tea!

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Mar 26th, '11, 15:21
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by nw-T » Mar 26th, '11, 15:21

"Ballard is a beautiful place to live and drink tea!"

I'm actually in Magnolia, a short walk for me and very rewarding!

Drinking Baozhong Farmer's Choice on this moist PNW day!

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Apr 1st, '11, 17:32
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by hopeofdawn » Apr 1st, '11, 17:32

Welcome from a fellow Seattlite! Even if I'm a bit further south ... :)

Floating Leaves is sooo good--I just bought some of her remaining 2010 Lishan, and I'm glad I did--apparently she's sold out of all her other 2010 winter teas, and only has a few bags left!

If you get the chance, Kuan Yin is a really nice tea house to visit over in Wallingford, and the New Century Teahouse in the International District also has some really top-notch teas ....

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Apr 1st, '11, 18:00
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by tenuki » Apr 1st, '11, 18:00

Welcome from another Seattlite! I bet I've seen you in the shop, I'm there about once a week. :D

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Apr 1st, '11, 19:47
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by nw-T » Apr 1st, '11, 19:47

I've been to Kuan Yin but not to New Century yet.We went down to the ID a couple weeks ago, but they were closed.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!

May 17th, '12, 03:02
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by ideaq » May 17th, '12, 03:02

Hi there! I'm new to TeaChat, but have been a tea lover for a few years now. I also live in Seattle area. And I love Oolong as well. Hope we can arrange a tea party with all the tea lovers in Seattle ^_^


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May 19th, '12, 12:35
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Re: Hello from Seattle

by nw-T » May 19th, '12, 12:35

Welcome Aqina,
Enjoy this beautiful sunny Saturday in Seattle!

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