Special Events Postings

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Aug 23rd, '05, 16:32

Special Events Postings

by sbirley » Aug 23rd, '05, 16:32

Hello -

I am a tea house owner and I was recently adding events to the events page of my tea house listing on TeaMap.com. Many of my special tea events have more than one seating time, but I am only able to notate one time through TeaMap. Granted, I can list the additional seating times in the text of the event, but I really wish I had the option of choosing more than one time when choosing the date. I'm concerned that some maybe skimming the times listed and not reading the text until they find a time that works for them.

Thank you, Stacy

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Aug 23rd, '05, 17:17
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TeaMap events

by ilya » Aug 23rd, '05, 17:17

We have noticed that several tearooms are listing multiple times within the description. The reason we have held back on including this extra feature is that we feel that the more complex we make the events page, the less people will use it. Our aim is to make it very simple for the tearoom owner to add events.

Aug 24th, '05, 11:33

Special Events Listings

by sbirley » Aug 24th, '05, 11:33

The simplicity is great and all I would need is an "and" button next to the time selection so I could add one or two more seating times on the same day. Just a suggestion. I noticed when "events" are listed on the main page, the description is not included. Therefore, if the time listed does not meet someone's schedule they are not going to bother looking at the description (and discover other seating times).

Thank you, Stacy

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