Apr 3rd, '11, 17:54
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Best Black-Milk Tea (iced) BOBA LOVERS ENTER!

by infamouswb » Apr 3rd, '11, 17:54

I was wondering if anyone has ever known someone or even yourself, worked at a tea house, especially Ten Ren or something similar to it and had or made the classic "Black Milk Tea, usually served with boba (pearls) or some jelly, etc. Anyway to get to the point, I want to know what is the exact tea blend that is used. Is it a mix of earl grey with oolong or earl grey by itself or some other blend of black tea e.g. Yunnan Gold?

Link For reference:http://farm4.static.flickr.com/32...894d3d.jpg
Any help is appreciated and rep will be given! Thanks! :D

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Apr 4th, '11, 09:22
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Re: Best Black-Milk Tea (iced) BOBA LOVERS ENTER!

by karmaplace » Apr 4th, '11, 09:22

I've never worked at a tea place, but I was curious as to the standard tea for Hong Kong style milk tea (which is delicious with tapioca pearls), and started this topic a while ago.

It's definitely a blend of different teas and not one type though. I had a teashop mix 1/3 Assam, 1/3 Earl Grey, and 1/3 Yunnan (Banna) for me which was perfect for my tastes. If you have any of those kinds of teas available, I'd try your own blend. :) Good luck!

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Apr 4th, '11, 16:07
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Re: Best Black-Milk Tea (iced) BOBA LOVERS ENTER!

by entropyembrace » Apr 4th, '11, 16:07

The place I get boba tea at just uses Keemun.

Apr 4th, '11, 22:09
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Re: Best Black-Milk Tea (iced) BOBA LOVERS ENTER!

by infamouswb » Apr 4th, '11, 22:09

Thank you for helping me! I have called Ten Ren and they have told me that majority of the Ten Rens' use "Lychee Black Tea" for all of their black tea boba drinks.

Link: http://tenren.com/lycheeblacktea.html

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Apr 27th, '11, 15:18
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Re: Best Black-Milk Tea (iced) BOBA LOVERS ENTER!

by gingkoseto » Apr 27th, '11, 15:18

Best black-milk tea is made with real, fresh fruits. No shortcuts. I don't think what tea to use is that important (as long as it's not crappy tea).

It's like when I went to a local liquor store to get Vodka, the salesman asks me how I drink Vodka. I told him I like mixing Vodka with grapefruit juice. Then he recommended a very inexpensive, but good brand to me. I understand for my way of drinking, that inexpensive brand is good enough. And I am grateful that he didn't try to sell me a $20 bottle of Vodka. :D

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