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Aug 10th, '07, 15:46
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Offer: Trinitea Replacement Carafe

by lunachick » Aug 10th, '07, 15:46

Unfortunately, after 2 years of putting up with me, my TriniTEA died. It would brew but something happened to the timer. Anyway I purchased the new Trinitea. I have 2 replacement carafes and 2 replacement brewing baskets and filters for the original style Trinitea if anyone is interested. They are in great condition and all I ask is to cover any shipping. I would have thown them on Ebay,but I figured there was always people asking for the replacement parts here. Thanks!!

Oct 23rd, '07, 07:56
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by owltown » Oct 23rd, '07, 07:56

I would be very interested in the caraf. How much do yuo want.

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Oct 23rd, '07, 19:56
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by lunachick » Oct 23rd, '07, 19:56

Unfortunately I got rid of them some time ago. Thanks for the interest though. :(