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Apr 11th, '11, 23:58
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Abracadaver! Offer: BIG Hagi yunomi by Yamane Seigan

by Abracadaver! » Apr 11th, '11, 23:58

Heh, so I'm a big dummy... :oops: I wanted to get a little something extra along with my ROCK from Magokorodo, and I've been wanting a large and simple yunomi for when I have a big thirst, and I saw this guy:
seigan.jpg (134.29 KiB) Viewed 900 times
He seemed like he fit the bill, but apparently my sense of scale is waaaay off, cuz this guy is seriously huge, practically a tsutsu chawan at 4.33" tall by 3.74" wide. Really a lot bigger then I need or really will use, although the thumb-indentation in the clay makes the cup quite comfortable and secure in the hand despite its size.