London Tea club?

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Apr 13th, '11, 13:01
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London Tea club?

by GoTea » Apr 13th, '11, 13:01

Hey guys,

I am still quite new to tea and altough I try to do stuff right, It would be nice to talk to others in person.

I have been reading various blogs about tea and a lot of them talk about the New York tea scene. I am jealous that there are like minding folk over there all meeting and discussing tea. I was wondering if there is anyone living in London or around abouts that would be interested in meeting at a tea place, like teasmith?

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Apr 13th, '11, 13:54
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Re: London Tea club?

by David R. » Apr 13th, '11, 13:54

Have you gone to see Tim at Postcard's ? I am sure that there are a lot of tea enthusiasts gathering there from time to time. I would live in London, I'd spend my days over there for sure ! :)

Apr 13th, '11, 16:18
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Re: London Tea club?

by Chimpie » Apr 13th, '11, 16:18

That would be cool, count me in, I work shifts so not many weekends off though.......

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