Leaf Hopper Egg

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 30th, '11, 12:17
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Leaf Hopper Egg

by edkrueger » Apr 30th, '11, 12:17

I found a oblong non-tea particle in my tea this morning.

The tea was a Taiwanese green, but I figured I'd post this in the oolong thread because Taiwanese green are pretty oolongy and because the eggs might be more common in oolong like baihao anyway.

It was about the size of a grain of rice with a black spot. Some research turned up this.

It looked like the empty egg on the right side of the second row. I know it is most likely a different species, but it looks the same to me.

Thought people might be interested in this, especially given the high praise this insect species receives.
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Apr 30th, '11, 12:34
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Re: Leaf Hopper Egg

by gingkoseto » Apr 30th, '11, 12:34

Did you mean "on the right side of the second row"? But the photos seem magnified and the thing in the photo seems much smaller than a rice grain size.
Do you have a photo of the thing in your tea?

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May 1st, '11, 00:35
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Re: Leaf Hopper Egg

by BioHorn » May 1st, '11, 00:35

While we are on the topic.
This brewed up very nice. Nice to see a tea with this kind of evidence of non-pesticide use. Looks to possibly be a scale insect.
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