Monday/Tuesday TeaDay 5/9-10/11 Rich Tea?

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If you had unlimited wealth, would you still drink the teas you drink currently? Please share your thoughts, details.

I would stick with teas like I currently drink
I would mostly drink what I currently do, but add some more expensive selctions
I would drink what I do currently, but also add a large percentage of more expensive selctions
I would likely part ways with my current selctions and do a complete Tea upgrade
I would definitely do a complete upgrade to teas
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May 9th, '11, 01:05
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Monday/Tuesday TeaDay 5/9-10/11 Rich Tea?

by Chip » May 9th, '11, 01:05

Greetings fellow TeaAficionados. Please drop in to TeaDay and share what is in your cup throughout the day. And dicuss the day's topic.

Yesterday we discussed Tea and Mother's day. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. If you had unlimited wealth, would you still drink the teas you drink currently? Please share your thoughts.

We are all looking forward to sharing this TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up.

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May 9th, '11, 05:11
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Nenugal » May 9th, '11, 05:11

I think if I were rich I would add some expensive teas, but many of the old favourites would still remain I guess.

Today I'm drinking a new favourite green tea. The taste is amazingly fresh and green! One of my officemates is from An Hui, and she just returned from China with a small bag of green tea for me, that she has picked herself in her parent's garden, and it was woked by her father just after picking. They only grow enough for the family to use, but they seem to know very well how to make good tea and I feel very privileged to have a chance to taste it.

She is obviously upgraded to best friend status :mrgreen:

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May 9th, '11, 05:19
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by David R. » May 9th, '11, 05:19

I think I would mainly stock up with expensive teas I really like. Instead of buying 10g of an expensive oolong as I do know, I would buy a small jar filled with it. Building kind of a collection.

Speaking of nice teas, second day with 2010 Handmade Bai Ji Guan from Master Huang (EoT). Typically a tea I would like to stock up and see how it will turn into in a few years... So nice...

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May 9th, '11, 07:45
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Stentor » May 9th, '11, 07:45

The problem with unlimited wealth could be that you might lose appreciation for things that are expensive because they are precious.
Drinking a high end gyokuro or matcha would probably not be the same special experience when it is your "everyday" tea.

However, I probably wouldn't change my tea habits too much. It would be nice to be able to take more risks without having to worry about financial consequences. So I would probably experiment more and taste more teas that I haven't had yet, regardless of their price range.
However, one has to take care not to be wasteful.

The same would probably go for tea ware by the way. It'd be great to be able to buy everything that catches the eye. However it would probably be hard to actually keep appreciating every single piece of tea ware you own when you could just as well own everything that's out there.

So, unlimited wealth may turn out to be a bit of a problem but I certainly wouldn't mind being able to spend more money more liberally on tea and tea related things :)

Speaking of expensive... I'm drinking Keiko's Tenbu Fuka right now, an organic fukamushi kabusecha from Kagoshima. It is very good but somewhat overpriced at about 25 Euros per 50 grams. I gave it a try because I had run out of sencha while I was waiting for shincha.

And wow, that's a very special gift, Nenugal.

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May 9th, '11, 08:22
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by JBaymore » May 9th, '11, 08:22

Mostly what I drink now, with a few more expensive ones thrown in occasionally.

Best way to end up with a small fortune is to start with a big one and believe it is limitless.



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May 9th, '11, 08:28
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by tortoise » May 9th, '11, 08:28

I'm currently learning not to buy cheap teas even though I do not have a limitless supply of money. I just buy less and try to make it last. Even so, there are certain teas that are still out of my reach, and yes, I would buy/try them if I had the cash. I would probably also take an annual or bi-annual trip to several different asian countries to buy tea.

no tea yet today.

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May 9th, '11, 11:11
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Elovitz » May 9th, '11, 11:11

I would add more expensive teas, but only for the fact that shipping tends to keep me from doing so now. I'd love to have a steady supply of matcha at hand.

Assam this morning

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May 9th, '11, 12:48
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by entropyembrace » May 9th, '11, 12:48

I´d buy more expensive teas for sure, there´s quite a few that I can only buy in small quantities even I would like to have more or don´t dare to buy at all because of the price.

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May 9th, '11, 17:42
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by jaderabbit » May 9th, '11, 17:42

I'd buy whatever strikes my fancy. Try 'em all! :lol:
Really teadrunk on charcoal roasted tieguanyin right now :shock:

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May 9th, '11, 17:54
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by teaisme » May 9th, '11, 17:54

doubt I would still be drinking the same teas, a few would remain, but most would change

I would more likely buy my teas locally at place of origin. Visiting all the great tea farms and exploring all the domestic markets thoroughly. Making friends with farmers, drinking tea with them lisurely, getting my hands dirty in some tea fields ahhh sounds nice :mrgreen:

Some unknown high mountain, then some cheap taiwanese assam (antique assam tea farm 150g/9-10 USD for at work, broken leaf)

Nice sessions, both great, finally nailed the assam, less leaf really brought out the sweetness without the malty taking away too much from it, also feels much easier on stomach now, maybe I will be able to drink it in the mornings with no food now

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May 9th, '11, 21:07
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Drax » May 9th, '11, 21:07

One of the unfortunate things about testing new teas is paying a lot for a tea that costs more because of hype or rarity, rather than taste. Of course, that's why recommendations and sharing are such wonderful things! :D

But my point being that having 'unlimited' tea funds would mean being able to more freely sample 'higher-end' teas, and not feeling so bummed when you stumble across one that doesn't deliver on its price point.

Then again, 'unlimited' funds would also increase my frequency of high-end match consumption as well as aged pu'erh....!

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May 9th, '11, 21:10
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by entropyembrace » May 9th, '11, 21:10

I´ve been drinking Yamashita Jirushi Gyokuro from Maiko today...really tasty! If I had unlimited funds I´d try the high end Yamashita Gyokuro´s for it is now the pricetag on those is painful.

Oh well...the Jirushi is quite delicious and fairly affordable :mrgreen:

May 9th, '11, 22:29
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Skippyandjif » May 9th, '11, 22:29

I would drink what I currently do with some more expensive additions. I love the stuff I've got now, but trying higher-end stuff would rock too!

Chrysanthemum pu-erh this afternoon, boiling water for a pau d'arco tisane.

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May 9th, '11, 23:11
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by debunix » May 9th, '11, 23:11

I've been lucky enough to sample most of the teas I've been curious about, and so far have been more limited by time than by cash. I could imagine a more lavish puerh budget, for sure, but I enjoy some of my younger pus as much as the aged shengs, so wouldn't give up all the cheaper stuff even if I could order unlimited quantities of EOT aged pus.

Today, enjoyed some Summer Ali Shan oolong from Norbu, and finally tried some milk oolong. Fortunately, someone else liked the milk oolong better than I did, so I will pass it along.

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May 10th, '11, 00:24
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Re: Monday TeaDay 5/9/11 Rich Tea?

by Poohblah » May 10th, '11, 00:24

Nah, there's no way I would be able to appreciate the most expensive teas the way a tea master could. I'll leave them to him or her. I'll keep drinking what I'm currently drinking, I'll just drink more of it :D And maybe a treat here or there, too 8)