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May 5th, '11, 17:54
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by Poohblah » May 5th, '11, 17:54

Occasionally, when I'm totally absorbed in a session with a good tea, I realize - oops! - I let something slip. Then I have to stand up and leave the room, taking my cup with me, allowing a few minutes for the smell to dissipate, lest it ruin the aroma of my tea. This happens to me every now and then. Does it ever happen to you?

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May 5th, '11, 21:31
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Re: Farting

by IPT » May 5th, '11, 21:31

No comment :P

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May 7th, '11, 08:08
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Re: Farting

by Alex » May 7th, '11, 08:08

poo air.

*gets coat

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May 7th, '11, 09:54
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Re: Farting

by tortoise » May 7th, '11, 09:54

IPT wrote:No comment :P

that looks like a comment to me. :lol:

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May 7th, '11, 11:10
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Re: Farting

by gingkoseto » May 7th, '11, 11:10

Tea (so can coffee, beer or lemon juice do to some other people) can stimulate one's stomach and small intestine, and therefore cause bowel activity. Need I say more? :mrgreen:

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May 11th, '11, 13:20
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Re: Farting

by FlyedPiper » May 11th, '11, 13:20

It means the tea is releasing trapped gas. It's a good thing.

My favorite is when I get so absorbed in a session I forget to let the dog out. Then, as I'm smelling the subtle change in aroma from the last infusion on my dancong or DHP I detect an overwhelming hint of... dog crap? And realize my pooch has left me a little present in the bathroom.

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