Cinnamon Teas

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

May 13th 11 5:24 pm
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Cinnamon Teas

by Heads Together » May 13th 11 5:24 pm

Hello.. I found this group while searching for information on cinnamon tea.. Hoping to gain more knowledge about teas..

I have found a tea, by way of a friend, that is sold at a tea room a good ways from my home.. It is an Cinnamon /Orange tea. It's a loose tea and looks very very black. It makes a beautiful tea that NEVER clouds no matter what you do with it.. I still use sweeteners in my tea, but this is the only tea I have ever tasted that was sooooooooooooo good, it didn't need sweetener... I LOVE this stuff.. !! I drink it iced, more than hot..

At first I just had the pleasure of a glass or two, then my Friend gifted me with a bag of it.. The seller doesn't ship, so the only way to get it is to drive there and buy it.. After I tasted it, I went on a tea buying spree and bought every cinnamon tea I could find on the market, but NOTHING came near this yummy yummy stuff... The cinnamon hits your mouth and explodes an almost sweet taste that is perfect to my taste buds.. :D

After receiving the bag for my Birthday from my Friend, I examined it carefully.. It's black as it can be and the bag is tissue lined.. I really believe it is infused or soaked or sprayed with cinnamon oil...The tissue paper smells exactly to my senses as the cinnamon oil toothpicks we all chewed on when we were younger .. I, upon brewing it, did notice a tiny skift here and there of what sort of looked like oil..

Does anyone have any ideas where I might find another vendor for this type of tea, that ships or information and advice on how I can myself use cinnamon oil to make other teas taste this fabulous..?? ~!!

Any help greatly appreciated..
Thanks in advance..


May 14th 11 6:50 am
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Re: Cinnamon Teas

by ninavampi » May 14th 11 6:50 am

You didn't mention anything about the orange flavor in the tea, but in terms of the cinnamon I can give a few suggestions. Adagio's cinnamon black is spectacular. The cinnamon taste is really sweet and strong, the resulting liquor is dark and delicious. It has a nice smooth taste, where the cinnamon is strong, but you can still make out the black tea in the background. I love it. I think it will be similar to what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something that tastes like "Big Red" gum, Teavana's Chai/chai mix tastes just like it. It isn't a black tea though, and I believe that you want a black tea right?

Hope this helps a bit!