Minneapolis-based tea drinker

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May 10th, '11, 19:44
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Minneapolis-based tea drinker

by Spoonvonstup » May 10th, '11, 19:44

Hello all!

I'm a tea drinker based out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul) in Minnesota. Any other MN-folks happy to finally see spring?

I spent a year in Northern China, so I am admittedly biased and more experienced in Chinese teas. Luckily, I also had great friends there who had excellent taste and access to incredible pu'er and Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong!

Now that I've been back for awhile, I'm missing my Lao Shan green tea, fresh oolongs, and sitting around drinking pu'er with people who still have so much to teach me. I'm happy to find such a vibrant online tea community, and looking forward to learning about other teas and meeting new tea friends!

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May 11th, '11, 12:54
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Re: Minneapolis-based tea drinker

by Chip » May 11th, '11, 12:54

Hi and welcome to TeaChat! We hope to see you around the forum.

Please share what is in your cup on TeaDay.

May 17th, '11, 19:49
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Re: Minneapolis-based tea drinker

by Spoonvonstup » May 17th, '11, 19:49

Thanks, Chip!

I'll be sure to do a much better job of that now that I'm back from camping vacation (yes- complete with fresh 2011 green tea! always worth it)

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