Question About Coffee and Tea

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May 24th, '11, 21:52
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Question About Coffee and Tea

by Kathryn » May 24th, '11, 21:52

I saw someone mention this off-hand in another post, and it made me wonder. Does drinking coffee mess with your palate, and will that affect how tea tastes to you? Make it taste weaker? (I usually drink blacks and herbals, if that matters.)

I've noticed that, over the years, I've had to brew my tea much stronger than i used to. Sometimes the increase has happened quickly; within the same year. With other factors being the same, I had to assume it was me. Something made the teas taste weaker to me than they did before.

So, I wonder. I also drink coffee pretty regularly. (And more now than I used to.) Sometimes more than tea, depending on how badly I need the caffeine. Would that cause teas to taste weak to me? And if so, is there any way I can achieve a happy balance? I don't want to give up either one!

Any info or insights on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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May 25th, '11, 02:01
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Re: Question About Coffee and Tea

by wyardley » May 25th, '11, 02:01

I drink tea much more regularly than coffee, but I find that drinking coffee sometimes helps when I'm in a tea rut. I think it partially has to do with the fact that coffee is strong tasting, and going back to the relative sweetness of tea after drinking coffee always feels nice.

I used to also drink coffee as a no-fuss way to get caffeine when I don't have time to drink tea the way I like it. I still do that to some extent, but it's gotten to where I'm almost as picky about coffee as I am about tea (well Ok, maybe not quite that much).

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