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May 24th, '11, 14:03
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Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by auhckw » May 24th, '11, 14:03

Stumbled across this on the net...





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May 25th, '11, 20:51
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Re: Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by skilfautdire » May 25th, '11, 20:51

At least it's straightforward: they want to make a few bucks with tea. :)

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May 29th, '11, 18:39
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Re: Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by SlientSipper » May 29th, '11, 18:39

I wonder if the tea is loose leaf?

May 30th, '11, 00:50
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Re: Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by Merrill » May 30th, '11, 00:50

Looks more like a bubble tea place. Probably powdered

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May 30th, '11, 21:13
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Re: Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by Drax » May 30th, '11, 21:13

I like how the words in the last photo mimic the bold green letter font of Starbucks.

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May 31st, '11, 14:58
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Re: Teabucks (copycat of Starbucks)?

by gingkoseto » May 31st, '11, 14:58

It looks like a bubble tea place. My understanding is, in many places in Asia, tea beverage (bubble tea, bottled tea, ice tea...), whether containing tea or not, is regarded as beverage, but not "real tea". Not that there is anything bad about it. I love bubble tea, especially if it uses real fruits. I think in Taiwan they must use real fruits :D

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