Best source for Hao Ya A

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Jun 6th, '11, 14:05
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Best source for Hao Ya A

by bogdan101 » Jun 6th, '11, 14:05

Hi everybody,

glad to discover this forum. Where can one find the best hao ya a these days?... I noticed quality can be quite variable.



Jun 6th, '11, 16:44
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Re: best source for hao ya a

by Proinsias » Jun 6th, '11, 16:44

TeaSpring's was pretty good last I tried it.

Not quite hao ya but I found Tim's jin jun mai to have a fairly similar profile and the tea was one of the finest teas I've ever had the pleasure to drink, and that was only the 2nd grade. ... _c_23.html

Jingteashop also tend to be pretty reliable for qimen.

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Jun 24th, '11, 11:14
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Re: best source for hao ya a

by joelbct » Jun 24th, '11, 11:14

specialteas was my favorite reliable stateside vendor for high-end china/india blacks, but they are defunct (teavana? bleh), oh well...


and sometimes ito en has it

their keemun spring dawn is awesome, albeit pricey.

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