Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jun 22nd, '11, 14:50
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Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

by jcmeagher » Jun 22nd, '11, 14:50

Hi everyone, my name is Joseph but you can call me Joe :p I am not only new to this website, but relativity new to the tea world (except for the occasional McDonald's "sweet tea" lol). I stumbled upon this site while trying to figure out how to grow and make my own tea but I like being able to just buy the leaves! I was never a big fan of tea bags, I just always felt like something wasn't right about it :p. But I have purchased the Ingenious Teapot with the Black Tea samplers to start myself out. I'm very excited and I will be tracking the progress of my shipment by the hour! lol. I am also excited to see what kinds of teas everyone else here likes :] always love trying new tea!

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Jun 22nd, '11, 14:55
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Re: Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

by Chip » Jun 22nd, '11, 14:55

Hi Joe, what do you know!

Welcome to TeaChat, hope to see you around the forum! Please share what is in your cup on TeaDay!

Enjoy your TeaJourney.

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Jun 22nd, '11, 17:55
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Re: Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

by teaisme » Jun 22nd, '11, 17:55

Hey there my kentucky friend.

Tea! :mrgreen:

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Jul 1st, '11, 11:04
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Re: Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

by Mrs. Chip » Jul 1st, '11, 11:04

Hi Joe, glad to have you on the forum! 8)

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Jul 1st, '11, 14:16
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Re: Hello from Kentucky's capitol!

by kymidwife » Jul 1st, '11, 14:16

Welcome to TeaChat from your Western KY neighbor. More Wildcat fans are always welcome! Bleed blue, drink green!

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