Tian Cha

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Jun 23rd, '11, 03:59
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Tian Cha

by blueasian » Jun 23rd, '11, 03:59

Hey guys,

I've been trying to search everywhere for this because I tried this tea at L'upicia that was an alternative to refined sugar. It was called Tian Cha and is leaves from (Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee) . Apparently what makes it so sweet is that the leaves contain a natural sweetener that is 200x sweeter then cane sugar. It has an interesting flavor profile and the sweetness overwhelms your senses, me and my gf were really suprised to taste it.

Jul 10th, '12, 07:47
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Re: Tian Cha

by iovetea » Jul 10th, '12, 07:47

have you tried amacha, i never uses it but its supposed to have the same effect

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Jul 11th, '12, 01:16
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Re: Tian Cha

by TIM » Jul 11th, '12, 01:16


Ama-Cha is from hydrangea leaves

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