Jan 10th, '10, 05:51
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Re: tea headaches, HELP!!

by beecrofter » Jan 10th, '10, 05:51

Concerns about pesticides can make the ''eat more fruit'' recommendation hard to swallow. I learned this from a reader who stopped eating blueberries when told they were high in pesticides. Here are the facts. In 2003 the Environmental Working Group tested and ranked 46 common fruits and vegetables for pesticide contamination. According to their findings, the produce with the highest amount of contamination, coined the dirty dozen, are peaches, strawberries, apples, spinach, nectarines, celery, pears, cherries, potatoes, bell peppers, raspberries and imported grapes. These would be the best choices for organic. Blueberries ranked No. 31.

source- environmental working group

I grow about 40 highbush blueberry plants and see few pests beyond birds .

Nov 13th, '10, 19:12
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Re: tea headaches, HELP!!

by Danj » Nov 13th, '10, 19:12

Seems like this topic has been resurrected a couple of times now. Four very well defined triggers for my immensely aural (but not terribly painful) migraines:

1. fresh, raw grapefruit
2. fresh, raw onions
3. wine
4. brewed tea. I'm not sure if certain types have less of an effect than others, but green tea, without a doubt, triggers them for me.

It took a few years to narrow the triggers down to these items, but as long as I stay away from them, I'm migraine free. I stick to tisanes and rooibos. Maybe some honeybush if I'm feeling like a cheeky woodchuck.

Jun 25th, '11, 04:57
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Re: tea headaches, HELP!!

by mormor » Jun 25th, '11, 04:57

I get headache as well when i drink tea (normal earl grey Lipton). But not my organic green tea. I have horrible pain in my neck, shoulder becomes so tense. My eye hurts, temples too.

This doesn't happen when i drink coffee.
Glad to learn on the tannin acid.

Anymore advice I am glad to know. I will boil my tea now if this is better for me. Not just pour hot water.

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