Mixed Samplers?

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Aug 25th, '05, 22:55
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Mixed Samplers?

by Dronak » Aug 25th, '05, 22:55

I'm new here and was looking over the site and your selection of teas. I'm glad to see the sampler packs, but they consist of one particular type of tea, like a black tea sampler or a green tea sampler. I enjoy most types of tea and was wondering what the chances are of you making a sampler pack with different types of tea? For example, maybe you could have a six pack that had two black, two oolong, and two green teas. Or one each of black, oolong, green, white, herbal, and flavored. I do realize that many teas come in sampler sizes so we can basically do this ourselves already, pick up sampler sizes of whatever we feel like. But I was thinking that a mixed sampler might be useful for helping introduce people to the different varieties of tea. Or for people like me who like basically everything and enjoy having a variety of types around. Just a thought.

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Aug 26th, '05, 10:53
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by chris » Aug 26th, '05, 10:53

Thanks for the note.

First of all, welcome! We're glad you've finally found us.

Also, we used to offer this "mixed variety" sampler, but this proved very unpopular. Not only that, but people wanted to make substitutions left and right! It was simply more trouble than profit. However, all teas are available in the sample sizes, so you're free to make your own sampler set!

Many thanks for the kind words,

Adagio Maestro

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Aug 26th, '05, 18:33
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by Dronak » Aug 26th, '05, 18:33

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it sounds like you had good reason to drop this type of product, being unpopular and too much trouble to keep people happy. I thought it might be nice, but you tried it already and it wasn't. Oh well. Having all the teas in sample sizes is great and they come in tins on top of that. I am glad to see that because I tend to prefer variety to sheer quantity, so the smaller sizes will let me get more different teas for a fixed amount of money.

If I want a really mixed sample, I may buy a one or two here and there using the best selling or top rated to decide what to get. Since I'm not familiar with all the teas you have, it seems safest to guess that I'll also like something most other customers do. Those rankings could help me decide. Or I can just buy some of the sampler packs you do have. I like that idea, too, but I'm not sure I could afford to buy enough at once to get the sort of variety in types I like to have. :) We'll see.

As an aside, how do you choose the teas for your sampler packs? And do they change over time or are the contents pretty stable/fixed? Things like this leave it to the company to decide what the customer will (hopefully) like, so I'm curious about how you make that decision.

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Aug 26th, '05, 19:15
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Sampler Sets

by ilya » Aug 26th, '05, 19:15

We try to keep the sampler sets fairly consistent. The only time we change them are when we introduce a new tea, or are running low on something.

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