Adagio Tea T-Shirt

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Mar 22nd, '11, 08:17
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Adagio Tea T-Shirt

by takchi11 » Mar 22nd, '11, 08:17

Just a thought. Adagio T-Shirt with the Adagio logo displaying 5 tea countries - China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India and Japan and in the back of the T displaying Puer, Oolong, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Green tea. Part of the proceed will be donated to help out natural disaster (e.g. Japan earthquake).

Jun 30th, '11, 21:59
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Re: Adagio Tea T-Shirt

by esdoudou » Jun 30th, '11, 21:59

Good idea,sounds great.

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Jun 30th, '11, 23:32
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Re: Adagio Tea T-Shirt

by geeber1 » Jun 30th, '11, 23:32

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