Hello from Russia/Alaska…

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Jun 24th, '11, 00:32
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Hello from Russia/Alaska…

by Mooniac » Jun 24th, '11, 00:32

Hello everyone! :)
My name is Anthony (Tony), I’m from Russia, currently studying in college in Alaska and who knows where I’m gonna be after that. =)
I used to drink only black tea (mostly loose leaf or “fine” teabags in places where were no options, such as fancy restaurants… with no normal loose-leaf tea…) or herbal teas, because green tea is way too “grassy” to me, but about two years ago my friend told me about oolong tea and since I tried it (some nameless oolong another friend brought to me from China (that sort smells like field flowers and I couldn’t find how it is called yet) then I started researching teas, trying different sorts and qualities of it, and even trying to make my own tea blends (naturally aromatized tea, with no “oils” and other stuff you cannot proof to be organic or even natural).

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Jun 24th, '11, 07:19
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Re: Hello from Russia/Alaska…

by Xell » Jun 24th, '11, 07:19

Добро пожаловать :)

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Jun 27th, '11, 22:11
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Re: Hello from Russia/Alaska…

by Chip » Jun 27th, '11, 22:11

Welcome TeaFriend to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forum! :mrgreen:

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Jul 1st, '11, 11:03
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Re: Hello from Russia/Alaska…

by Mrs. Chip » Jul 1st, '11, 11:03

Hi Tony and Welcome!!! Glad you joined us. 8)

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