Wed/Thur 7/6-7/11 What is paramount in a teacup?

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Many of us are pretty particular about certain features in a cup...others of us are not. How fanatical are you about this..and what features reign supreme for your teacups. Please see topic and share.

SIZE is of paramount importance
It is all about SHAPE
Handmade or handcrafted
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Must have a WHITE interior (unless maybe it is glass)
NAME of maker
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Jul 7th 11 5:50 am
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Re: Wednesday 7/6/11 What is paramount in a teacup?

by Chip » Jul 7th 11 5:50 am

Let's let this TeaDay roll into Thursday!

Please drop in and share what is in your cup ... and discuss this topic throughout the day.

BONUS, what cups are you using today, and are the faves? Please share.

See you on the forum!

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Jul 7th 11 6:30 am
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Re: Wednesday 7/6/11 What is paramount in a teacup?

by IPT » Jul 7th 11 6:30 am

For me it totally depends on what type of tea I am drinking, or tea ceremony I am performing. When drinking Chinese tea, I use Chinese tea ware, for Korean Tea, I use Korean tea ware, and for Japanese tea, I use Japanese Tea ware. Some teas I like to use glass to watch the leaves dance, while others, I want it to have a white interior to see the color of the tea liquor. I have some cups which are ideal for really smelling the teas aromas, and others which are large for when I am working on a project and do not wish to be constantly stopping to brew more. When doing the Song Dynasty tea ceremony, I use a different shape altogether, so other than price, I choose all the above.

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Jul 7th 11 2:47 pm
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Re: Wednesday 7/6/11 What is paramount in a teacup?

by tortoise » Jul 7th 11 2:47 pm

Depends on the tea being served. I generally don't like super wide flared rims that have a "V" type shape, though I've seen exceptions. Texture and color are important for sencha. I imagine shape would be very important, but I don't own a lot of different shapes to compare. I did recently go to a wine glass demonstration and was blown away by the effect shape has on wine. It must do the same for tea. The size of the bowl and circumference of the lip seem to be important factors that could enhance or detract from any type of tea. Will take decades of experience to discern at my present rate.

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Jul 7th 11 5:47 pm
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Re: Wed/Thur 7/6-7/11 What is paramount in a teacup?

by teaisme » Jul 7th 11 5:47 pm

using a cheap glazed porcelain drinking cup, light blue, about 30ml, one of my favorites, I liked it so much I went back to taiwan a year later and bought 4 sets (comes with matching aroma cup too).

arya ruby first flush from thunder at work :)