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Jul 8th, '11, 22:23
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Care of wooden saké cups

by skilfautdire » Jul 8th, '11, 22:23

I just got some wooden saké cups. The wood is 'raw', untreated. Nice cups. One is square. Well, pouring some saké into them naturally brings out the strong odour of the wood. My question is, is there any coating that can be applied that is food-friendly ? Is there any need to apply such ? Will it simply stablize through time ? Is the strong wood odour part of the experience (not quite ready to call this a 'charm' :-) of drinking from wooden cups ? Anyone with wooden drinking cups can shed some advice on this ? I thought perhaps some linseed oil, but I'm not sure at all if it is safe for drinking afterwards. Perhaps a coat of normal good quality vegetable oil ?

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Jul 9th, '11, 05:14
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Re: Care of wooden saké cups

by tea-awed » Jul 9th, '11, 05:14

I have had wooden soup bowls and spoons that I have used here in Greece. The wood taste fades and then becomes neutral. Don't know about cups though.
I certainly wouldn't suggest linseed oil as it have a rather strong smell of it's own which would probably be imparted to the sake.

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Jul 12th, '11, 18:40
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Re: Care of wooden saké cups

by chingwa » Jul 12th, '11, 18:40

You can try a treatment of food-safe mineral oil. I've don't have sake cups but I occasionally use mineral oil on some of my wooden kitchen utensils, chopping blocks, and even furniture. Wipe on, let sit for a bit then wipe off the excess. This treats the wood and keeps it moisturized to prevent cracking. It's also odorless which is a plus.

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Jul 12th, '11, 22:30
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Re: Care of wooden saké cups

by JBaymore » Jul 12th, '11, 22:30

Drink a lot of sake out of them......... the wood will take on the bouquet..... and all is good. Just like guinomi that are actually used for Nihonshu (sake)........ months later ou can smell the wonderful aroma.

Actually, if you drink enough sake quickly enough.... you won't care what it smells like. :lol:



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Jul 13th, '11, 10:04
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Re: Care of wooden saké cups

by tortoise » Jul 13th, '11, 10:04

Cool! Me want wood thangs.

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